Add and Subtract 3

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Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 3 is a self-teaching worktext that deals with various adding and subtracting topics, this time with three-digit numbers. This book is suitable to study right after the student has learned place value till 1000 and best fits second or third grade math; however it is not in tied to any grade level. The goal of Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 3 is to add and subtract both mentally and in columns within 0-1000. In most lessons the addition or subtraction is first illustrated with pictures so the student can learn the concepts. The book explains in detail how to carry when adding in columns, and how to borrow when subtracting in columns. Besides problems practicing these processes, many of the lessons also have word problems, puzzles, problems with money, and other types of exercises. Full answers are appended to the book.

Sample Pages (PDF):

Contents and Introduction
Add & Subtract Whole Hundreds
Completing the Next Hundred
Addition/Subtraction Connection
Regrouping Twice in Subtraction
Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers Mentally

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