Introduction to Fractions

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Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions contains fraction-related material suitable for approximately grades 2-4. This material does not include division or multiplication of fractions, nor adding unlike fractions. The lessons are mostly simple, introductory lessons to various fraction topics. The topics covered are on a simple level, illustrated with pictures, and have small denominators. The presentation relies on the usage of pictures on a very concrete level. The topics covered are, one-half and fourth parts, the concept of a fraction, the concept of a mixed number, adding and subtracting like fractions, adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like fractional parts, equivalent fractions with pictures, comparing fractions, and finding fractional part of a whole using division. The lessons proceed so that the first two are suitable for second grade, and the rest are suitable for third or for fourth grade. The answers are in the back of the book.

Sample Pages (PDF):

Contents and Introduction
Halves and Quarters
Understanding Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Equivalent Fractions 
Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers 1

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