Add and Subtract 2A

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Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 2-A is a self-teaching worktext about addition and subtraction on a late first-grade / early second-grade level. The book teaches the basic addition facts of single-digit numbers where the answer goes over ten, and how to use them with subtraction. It also deals with the concept of 'completing the ten', and how to use that when adding as well as subtracting. Later in the book various fact families are studied. This book is not tied to any grade level; however it best fits first and second grade math. Full answers are appended. This book is best followed by Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 2-B, in which the emphasis is on learning how to carry when adding in columns, and how to borrow when subtracting in columns.

Sample Pages (PDF):

Contents & Introduction
Trick with 9 and 8
Review: Completing the Next Whole Ten
Adding with 8
Number Rainbows - 11 and 12
Fact Families with 13

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