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Math Mammoth Measuring is a worktext that covers measuring length, weight, volume, and temperature as they are typically covered during grades 1-3. The book contains both textbook explanations and exercises, and is designed to be very easy to teach from, requiring fairly little teacher preparation. This book is NOT organized by grade-levels nor with increasing difficulty. Instead, I have grouped together the lessons on measuring length, then measuring weight, then measuring volume, and lastly temperature. In each section, measuring in the customary system comes first, followed by lessons about the metric system. The first lessons in each unit typically have hands-on exercises where the student actually uses the suitable measuring equipment, and the last lessons in each section include abstract problems about conversions between the units.

Sample Pages (PDF):

Measuring to the Nearest Half-Inch
Centimeters and Millimeters
Weight in Pounds
Grams and Kilograms
Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

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