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Math Mammoth Place Value 1 teaches students two-digit numbers, or place value with tens and ones. The initial lessons that introduce tens and ones use a 100-bead abacus extensively. The abacus is not the only model used in the book. We also use a visual model of blocks where ten of them "snap" together to a stick. Then, the book also uses the 100-chart and number lines. Place Value 1 also has an introductory lesson on regrouping. The two lessons in the end, about graphs and money, are included as real-life applications of two-digit numbers. This worktext is suitable for first grade mathematics studies. Full answers are appended. Math Mammoth Place Value 2 continues the study of place value with 3-digit numbers.

Sample Pages (PDF):

Counting in Groups of Ten 
Building Numbers 11-40 
Which Number is Greater? 

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