Subtraction 1

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Math Mammoth Subtraction 1 is a self-teaching workbook that deals with the subtraction concept within 0-10, initially as 'taking away', but soon presenting other situations where subtraction is used: * Finding how much MORE something is as compared to something else - the difference. * Two (or more) parts making up a whole (of something). This is approached as a missing addend problem. All these situations are taught explicitly and can be found in the word problems throughout the book. Also, students learn to use the addition facts to find the answer to subtraction - in essence to memorize the basic subtraction facts, which are based on the addition facts. While this book is not tied to any grade level, it is most suitable for first grade. Answers are appended. This book ties closely in with Math Mammoth Addition 1.

Sample Pages (PDF):

Subtraction Is Taking Away 
Subtraction and Addition in the Same Picture 
Fact Families 
Addition and Subtraction Facts with 6


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